Signature #MySLD Dining Room Consultation

$497 CAD


  • Questionnaire
  • Welcome Packet
  • Enjoy our "Industrial Design Style Look Book" as a Free gift for you!



This Consultation Package will give you the guidance for the Thematic Setting of your Dining Room coupled with the Aesthetics of effective seating arrangements for having a successful mealtime for your family and guests.

With specific direction for each design criteria and discussion of ideas we will put together a Visual Look Book for you to take away. Functionality, aesthetics and proximity to cooking areas will be assessed in terms of traffic flow to give you a general guide.


  •   Thematic table setting guide and aesthetics of entertaining
  •   Tips on Successful seating clearances and seating accommodation
  •   Tips on table size, shape & scale of room and furniture, Seating options, style, size, shape, color, pattern and comfort
  •   Tips on Lighting style, intensity, size and adjustments
  •   Discussion & tips on table decor, centerpiece, co-ordinated tableware & more
  •   Tips & ideas on secondary seating/eating areas, area rugs, mats, sideboard or hutch - purpose, size, layout
  •   Ideas on bar cabinets, serving options, cabinet lighting
  •   Tips on Artwork, Family heirloom display, Wall paint colors, Window coverings
  •   Choices for Color Scheme, fabric pattern, custom upholstery options
  •   Options for creating Focal points, Highlighting picture windows & natural light.
  •   Tips on Ceiling decor if part of the Design Style desired, wall and ceiling moldings
  •   Dare to share - ideas on arrangements with fresh flowers, as well as dry & mixed natural elements!!
  •   A 10 page Look Book in Color in a printed Hard copy with all the above suggestions and written solutions in our Client Portal with your own Studio Space


  1.  Purchase this package
  2.  Schedule the Consult by clicking on Appointments
  3.  Answer the Questionnaire so we can get best prepared
  4.  If it is a New Construction get your plans ready to show us
  5.  Gather your inspiration pictures to show us, if you have some
  6.  Think & discuss your "Investment" amount or range with parties involved


This is a Consultation & Design Package. We will discuss and give ideas for many different areas of your Dining Room as well as various aspects of the Aesthetics that is important for you and your guests. We will suggest products & colors for you. Pictures will be included in Look Book with product pictures, ideas & suggestions to get the general feel of the Design Schematics.

For detail Design work please avail our Interior Design Packages: Schematic/Basic /Delux /Premium /Custom or One Room Makeover Design