#MySLD 2 Hour Design Set

$387 CAD


  • Design/Decor Appointment
  • Welcome Packet


To continue with our Design Services OR for all your SPOT areas on an individual design or decor suggestions & consultation the most convenient is to buy a set or sets of hourly services. This will give your Design Project continuity for 2 hours.

There is no large commitment & you pay as you go. You can buy as many you need as Design progresses. If after the first purchase you feel you need more you can also purchase our 4 hour or 6 hour Design sets. If this all you need then lets get working!

PACKAGE MAY BE USED FOR: One or more of the following. These are suggestions only and if you are at the mid or end part of your project choose only what works.

  •   Choosing colors for small areas or your walls OR
  •   Picking tiles - walls or floor for areas in your home or space that needs a change OR
  •   Choosing the right flooring for your new floor OR
  •   Placing furniture the right way or choosing the accent pieces for your space OR
  •   For Research of Design ideas & information for you where you need a Color Scheme done or a Mood Board done for your space OR
  •   Help in styling with decor and furnishings OR
  •   Sourcing out furniture or decor items for your space, connecting to resources & more.
  •   Shopping for your product with or without you

INSTRUCTIONS: Please follow one or more of these depending on what you are purchasing this 2 hour session for

  1.  Purchase this Package
  2.  Schedule the Consult by clicking on Appointments
  3.  Have a look at our Welcome Packet.
  4.  LETS MEET!


  1.  If this is your first time working with us and you have not purchased any of our Consultation Packages then please purchase the Free "Design Discovery Session". Follow the instruction on that package for best results.
  2.  If it is a New Construction get your plans ready to show us
  3.  Gather your inspiration pictures to show us, if you are starting a project
  4.  Think & discuss your "Investment" amount or range with parties involved