Interior Styling & Consultation

$1277 CAD


  • Questionnaire
  • Welcome Packet
  • Enjoy our "Living Room Renovation Checklist" as a Free gift for you!



The Final touches in any Home Design Project are always as important as the beginning. It is the TREND now that no longer is the benefit of a Designer exclusive to Luxury Homes only!!

With our Interior Styling Services and Expertise, let us re-invent, re-new & re-fresh your space using your existing treasures and may be a few new & unique pieces. Let your space breathe about the things you love. Let us give your space a new life in a personal, warm and full-of-energy way!


  •   Space Evaluation to identify what works and what needs to change.
  •   An effective furniture re-arrangement to achieve a better flow
  •   Guidance to make your Finishing Selections and Decisions Faster
  •   A quick creative change in your space that creates impact and is eye-catching
  •   Helping you with Accessorizing your space. Show you how your current accessories can be used effectively
  •   Compose your space for you to showcase your treasures
  •   Shopping assistance to choose new & unique pieces to marry with your existing ones.


  •   Building your Peace of Mind and Clarity
  •   Saving your time from hours of shopping
  •   Saving you frustration from searching through home decor store aisles
  •   Making your decision power quick & easy
  •   Saving you product return trips
  •   Be your Sounding Board and making it possible for you to bounce ideas off of us
  •   Taking the worry & overwhelm out of your day(s)
  •   Making your space the Talk of The Town


  1.  Purchase this package
  2.  Schedule the Consult by clicking on Appointments
  3.  Answer the Questionnaire so we can get best prepared
  4.  If you have existing Accessories that you want to use keep them ready
  5.  Gather your inspiration pictures to show us, if you have some
  6.  Think & discuss your Decor "Investment" amount or range with parties involved


Even though this is a Consultation Package, we will be hands-on in giving the Finishing Touches to your space. We will usually work with your for 2 to 3 hours at a time to achieve the results

For Design work please avail our Interior Design Packages: Schematic/Basic /Delux /Premium /Custom or One Room Makeover Design