4 Hrs Product Shopping Day (You have your Designs ready)

$957 CAD


  • Appointment Scheduling - 4 Hrs Product Shopping Day
  • Welcome Packet - Download
  • Enjoy Our Gift to you - "Bedroom Renovation Checklist"
  • Enjoy our "Home Styling Decor Checklist" a Free gift for you!


This package is very popular with Homeowners as it provides just the right amount of benefits with a right budget commitment helping you with tips, options & choices to do a practical makeover to your home.

Use this package for one or more of the following:

**You simply need help shopping and selecting any or more of furniture, finishes, fixtures, fabrics, materials or related

**An Initial Consultation is done and a Design Road Map has been completed to go shopping OR

**A Paint Color Consult has been done and you need to select co-ordinating items OR

**A Full Service Design has been signed up and you need to shop for selections

** Treat this as a 4 hours of Design Session for any work design related inside or outside


  • Choose your: Wood, Tiles, Carpet, Laminate, Wall Tiles, Wall Paper, Fireplace Style, Moldings & more

  • Other choices: Stain for wood surfaces, Staircase updates, Fabric for upholstery or drapery, Plumbing & Light Fixtures & more

  • This can also be used to select Furniture and Decor - Online or in person Shopping Day

  • This Package Can be purchased with Paint Color Consult as well to do painter sample testing OR coordinating chosen paint with other surfaces - See 2 Hr Color Consultation

  • We can start with some selected rooms or spaces and then move onto other areas as time permits (max 4 hours). Additional hours can be purchased with our #MySLD 2 hour Design sets

  • Your answer to our attached Questionnaire will be beneficial to bring as many samples & catalogs as we can. This service can be split up into 2 hours of visit at your home/space & at selected showroom (we can discuss)

  • We Treat you with a Gourmet Coffee Break so you can recharge!!


  1.  Purchase this package
  2.  Schedule the Consult by clicking on Appointments (Imp to get started)
  3.  Answer the Questionnaire so we can get best prepared
  4.  If it is a New Construction get your plans ready to show us
  5.  Gather your inspiration pictures to show us, if you have some
  6.  Think & discuss your "Investment" amount or range with parties involved


-We will tour your home interior from room to room and suggest choices

-We bring along samples of different products as discussed in the Initial Consultation and help you select

-We go out shopping to Select products in a showroom if we decide that in our Initial Consult

-After Selection is done we will present you with a Full Electronic Report of all Choices, relevant pictures, product info, location of application, and Design & Discussion Notes.