2 HR Paint, Product or Color Consultation (Int or Ext)

$477 CAD


  • Questionnaire
  • Welcome Packet
  • Enjoy our "Home Styling Decor Checklist" a Free gift for you for styling your existing or new space!

A practical Paint, Product & Color Solution for few different areas in your space just to refresh it up a bit!

Once your 2 hours are over and you need to consult for additional time you can purchase the same 2 hour package again. We will schedule another time and I will revisit to finish the next lot.

If you need just another additional hour same day we can continue on by making an on the spot purchase provided my time is open and I am able to accommodate your request.

Download the "Welcome Packet" and your Free Gift of the "Home Styling Decor Checklist"


This practical Paint, Product & Color Consult Package gives you the opportunity to explore choices for selected rooms or areas in your home or any space.

This is a 2 hour total Consult Package and with our easy & practical selections you will able to put your space back in track and refresh few areas to give to your home or space a brand new look. Small changes a space quite a bit and it is easy to do with not much of an investment! Whether you are looking to sell or deciding to do it for your own enjoyment there is no better way to do this than with some help!


  • 2 hours of on site Paint, Product, Color Consult to determine selections in collaboration with you
  • Free Studio Report of Selections made with descriptions to send them to you electronically.
  • Interior OR Exterior Main & Accent Paint Colors choices
  • Interior OR Exterior Color Scheme for all surfaces needed
  • Fabric Pattern & Color Co-ordinated choices for soft furnishings as necessary
  • Flooring Material Color, Grain, Shade, variety choices for carpet, wood laminate, tiles, Vinyl or other
  • Exterior Trims, Deck, Rails, Window Frame Color
  • Any additional Interior surface product as in counters, stone, wallpaper, wall tile, moldings etc
  • Any additional Exterior surface product as in stone, tiles, molding, doors, windows etc


  1.  Purchase this package
  2.  Schedule the Consult by clicking on Appointments
  3.  Answer the Questionnaire so we can get best prepared
  4.  If it is a New Construction get your plans ready to show us
  5.  Gather your inspiration pictures to show us, if you have some
  6.  Think & discuss your "Investment" amount or range with parties involved


We will tour your home in the areas you need help and you can show us the areas you need help with.

We bring our BIG Color Boards, samples of fabrics, paint, tile, counter-tops material, etc., whatever goes along with areas you list on your Design Questionnaire.

Our Color Boards are as large as 11”x7” hand painted with real paint, in an array of selected colors. These make it easy for you to view the paint color on a large surface and make the right decision for your color choice.

Also depending on your items listed on the questionnaire, we may also bring some inspiration or product brochures on the itemized product.

Once all selections are done you will get your detailed report of the selections electronically and any additional notes that I make during the Consult which I can leave behind for you.

Lets get cracking!!